Here’s a neat way to turn ordinary house into mansion

Custom pools seem to be all the craze right now, especially in the U.S. Why is that, and why should you care? Let’s have a look…

So, a custom pool is basically an idea of having a contractor to come over and design a pool for you from the ground up.


Why is getting a custom pool such a good idea?

Well, there are several reasons as to why you should consider getting a custom pool for yourself, actually.

1. You get exactly what you want

Yes, there’s a WIDE variety of pools available in the market right now. As a matter of fact, the wide variety of options might feel totally daunting once you get into it. Someone new to this area might indeed very reasonably think that there’s absolutely no need for getting a custom pool, since there are so many options out there already. That’s true, if all you’re looking for is a generic pool, and you don’t mind everyone in your neighborhood having similar, it’s probably a good idea to get a generic one. It’ll probably save you some money in the process as well.

However, what if you want different kind of shape, or dimensions? Or how about the decoration of the pool itself? In that case, you quite often need to consider getting it custom made.

2. Get a good guarantee

Quite often generic pools come with a very bland guarantee, that’ll leave you in trouble in the case it breaks down a year or two from now. That’s quite often the absolute opposite of having a custom pool made. In those cases, you’ll quite often get a really good, solid guarantee so that you can feel safe about the pool and yourself and everyone else using it.

3. The joy of getting it tailor-made

What a vanity reason, right? Well, getting a pool in the first place is not exactly like some kind of “must have for survival” thing. So, why go skimping on it if you’re at it anyway? Get it done good. Spend some funny money on it so that when the sun is shining you can feel successful and awesome (and your friends will notice it as well).


How to get a custom pool

Getting a custom pool is a very delicate process, that should not be hasted, even if you think you’re really pressed for time. Yes of course you want to get the pool done by the beginning of the season in your area, but it’s still recommended to use the time necessary to get it done the right way.

So, how do you find one? Well, the first thing to do would be to search around in Google in your area. You could try out searching for something like “custom pools dallas” (if you live in Dallas, that is). Custom pool contractors are often times very helpful, so just pick a one that seems to resonate with you, call them and ask for advice.

Also, make sure to prepare for longer wait if the project is really big. There are surprisingly lot of all kinds of little details that go into getting your own custom pool made.

custom pools


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